Norfolk Island Foundation Day Celebrations and Luncheon

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236th anniversary of the 1788 Foundation Day when the first British settlement was established here on Norfolk Island.  

Wednesday 6 March 2024 - Foundation Day Luncheon includes: 

  • Transfers from your accommodation or Burnt Pine to Emily Bay for the Foundation Day re-enactment 
  • Lunch banquet with local entertainment of Convict Ballads, special heritage speakers with hosts Philip Gidley King and his wife Anna and much more
  • First Fleet and Norfolk Island 1st Settlement showcase and Research
  • Heritage speakers on the people of First Settlement including those who arrived on Norfolk Island 6 March 1788 including Ann Inett: Bon voyage beyond the Seas
  • First Fleet and Norfolk Island 1st Settlement Showcase and Research afternoon (including family history records)
  • Discover where your ancestors land is on Norfolk Island
  • Transfers to and from your accommodation/Burnt Pine - Emily Bay - Foundation Day Luncheon and back to your accommodation or Burnt Pine

Foundation Day celebrates the historical occasion when Philip Gidley King first arrived on Norfolk Island on 6 March 1788

This day attracts many visitors to Norfolk Island especially those who are researching their family heritage. 

The re-enactment & celebrations all take place at Kingston, the World Heritage area of Norfolk Island.

All special dietary needs catered for

Hosted by Australian History Research and Heritage Tourism Accredited Quality Tourism Accredited Business with Tourism Australia